Paolo Bea

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Although Paolo Bea and his family have achieved remarkable renown for their intriguing wines from Montefalco in Umbria, they also produce an olive oil that is decadently delicious. This oil, an extra virgin referred to as “Grezzo” (translated as “raw” or “untouched” or “pure”), is as sensual an olive oil as we have ever experienced. There is a plush texture, a vibrant green-gold color and profound flavour that makes this oil a multiple threat in the kitchen. Rubbed into a thick porterhouse or shell steak before grilling, drizzled on toast and stimulated by a few grains of sea salt, heated in a puddle in which farm-fresh eggs are poached … the imagination knows no bounds when it comes to this rare and pure delicacy. Plus, the olives are grown on the Bea property with the same care taken as they do with their vineyards – naturally, organically.

Harvest occurs usually in November. The olives are then transported to the frantoio of Del Sero in Moriano, Umbria, where the olives are macerated by a stone mill and cold-pressed. There has been no filtration in order not to modify the unique flavors, so there may be a light deposit at the bottom of the bottle. The resulting oil has the color, texture and weight of melted butter but with the fragrance of a light breeze coming through the olive trees. Once you smell it and taste it, you will be looking for any excuse to use it.

The Bea “Grezzo” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the November 2015 harvest is of exceptional quality, one of the finest harvests from a quality perspective that the Bea family has experienced. This is a just reward for the Bea family and lovers of this olive oil since there was not a single olive harvested in the prior year of 2014!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – ‘Essenza 9.2.6’ – 2016: The “Essenza.9.2.6” is a special, very limited production olive oil produced at the Bea estate in Montefalco, Umbria under exceptional growing conditions. The growing season was tumultuous and difficult during 2016 which led to a severely reduced yield and the earliest harvest date on record … September 2nd … thus the name with numbers referring to that date: 9.2.6. This oil is a first cold pressing of two olive varieties native to the region,: Moraiolo and Frantoio, with the pressing done locally the day after the harvest. Total production is 498 bottles of 500 milliliter size. The oil is not filtered. It carries a deep green-gold color with notes of spices and herbs… clove, pepper, thyme amongst a panoply of intriguing aromas and flavors that speak of the hills of Montefalco. An oil with a strong personality made from olives grown organically at the Paolo Bea estate.