Mad Rose Ranch

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Mad Rose Ranch is a 56 acre farm owned by Neal Rosenthal and Kerry Madigan. Their land has never, at least in the 22 years they have owned it, had any chemical application of any sort anywhere. The property is diverse in its natural features. Some parts of the fields are bony while some are very tillable. The land rolls and rambles to a wonderful spring fed stream which has never dried up and which runs directly into their very precious and federally protected wetlands and fens. Over the years, Neal and Kerry have planted sugar maples and black walnut trees; created a 200’ hazelbert hedgerow; planted 7 different varieties of heirloom table grapes, as well as various types of fruit trees and berry bushes.

During the summer months, Neal is traditionally the man in charge of the potato and allium crops, and the melons, and the BEES. All of their produce is grown from organic seeds [either their own as in the case of the garlic especially], or from very reliable sources like Fedco.

As of January 1, 2016, Brandon Beckingham has joined the team as farm manager.

Mad Rose Ranch Hazelnuts:
Amber in color, thickly liquid, aromatically intense reflecting the vast array of wild flowers on the property as well as cultivated buckwheat and aromatic herbs including thyme, sage and oregano.