Il Censo

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As part of reconstruction of the land around Il Censo, the Gargano family has begun harvesting olives from an ancient grove adjacent to the property, in a site called Chirullo. The estate, isolated in the high altitude, rolling hills of the hamlet of Bivona in southwestern Sicily, produces a miniscule amount of exquisite olive oil from a grove of 100 organically farmed trees.  The first vintage released, the 2015, was received with great pleasure by the handful of people we were able to serve from an allocation of 250 or so bottles.  The difficult weather conditions that plagued the spring of 2016 wiped out any potential harvest that next year.  Now, we offer for your culinary joy 372 bottles (750ml size) of this vibrant, glowing green-gold oil.

BI-CE-MU” Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva da Sicilia: November / December 2017 harvest, total production approximately 750 bottles

Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese and Honey

For one (for more just multiply the ingredients listed by the required factor): crack two or three fresh eggs (buy local and buy fresh …nothing like an egg fresh from the coop laid by a hen that forages or is fed delicious food scraps from a good kitchen … that’s the life my chickens lead!)…